Wolf M Series Transitional Coffee System | ICBEC3050TM/S

Wolf M Series Transitional Coffee System | ICBEC3050TM/S

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Product Overview

The Wolf Professional coffee system doesn’t just make great coffee; its style and coordinating accessories are pleasing homeowners and designers alike. And because it isn’t plumbed, it can easily be built-in to any part of any room. Everyone has a different recipe for their perfect cup of coffee, but the bean, the grind, and the strength are fundamental to each. Whatever your taste, the Wolf coffee system will craft the coffee you crave. Whether you’re making a simple cup of black coffee or a double No-foam latte, you’ll find the Wolf coffee system is a joy to use and simple to maintain. Even the brew head and milk frother clean up with push-button ease.

The secrets to great coffee are built-in. Enjoy professional-quality coffee drinks precisely the way you like them, with fingertip convenience.

The coffee it makes for you comes any way you like it with over 15 beverages with customisation options. Espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, long or short coffee — they’re all at your fingertips with the remarkable new Wolf coffee system. Hot water for tea, too.

Like a great cup of coffee, the Wolf coffee system strikes all the right notes. It produces professional-quality drinks using the intuitive full-colour touchscreen and lets you easily customise every aspect of your drink, from temperature to strength, to the level of foam. It can be installed anywhere, requiring no tie-in to a water line. It cleans the milk nozzle with push-button ease because milk never enters the internal workings and there’s discreet in-unit storage. In short, it is a joy to use and own.



759 (mm)
454 (mm)
483 (mm)
M Series