Wolf M Series Contemporary Convection Steam Oven | ICBCSO30CM/S/TH

Wolf M Series Contemporary Convection Steam Oven | ICBCSO30CM/S/TH

Product Overview

Fast, versatile, healthy cooking – simply delicious. Choose the cooking option, combining steam and convection, that’s ideal for your dish. Steam vegetables to retain up to 22% more vitamins than convectional cooking or use a convection mode to prepare multiple dishes at once without worrying about odour or flavour transfer.

Wolf convection steam ovens do things you’ve never thought possible. Perfect, fluffy couscous without butter. A richly browned roast chicken that’s the juiciest you’ve ever tasted. Crusts that glisten without an egg wash.

Like several appliances in one… Guesswork? Gone!

Sauté, boil and simmer, as on a cooktop.

Bake, roast and even fry without oil.

Preheating is extremely fast, meaning your meal is ready that much quicker. There simply has never been a more versatile cooking instrument.

Wolf convection steam ovens’ large water reservoir means you can install them anywhere – no plumbing needed.

The Wolf ICBCSO30CM/S/TH is the perfect addition to the Wolf Contemporary M Series family of appliances.


Electrical Connection
Interior Dimensions
Interior Usable Volume
Heating Element
Water Tank Capacity

454 (mm)
759 (mm)
572 (mm)
220-240 (V)
20 (Amp)
454 x 280 x 400 (mm)
51 (L)
2200 (Watt)
1 (L)