Transitional Induction Cooktop | ICBCI243TF/S

Transitional Induction Cooktop | ICBCI243TF/S

Product Overview


Wolf induction cooktops heat cookware instantly and delivers precise control at both high and low end, all on a cool, safe cooking surface. Sear, sauté, simmer with complete confidence. Now offered in two distinct designs with four different sizing options, including a 91cm model with unique bridge feature that accommodates over-sized pots and pans. Wolf induction cooktops are 90-95% energy efficient; as a result, no heat is wasted because energy is supplied directly to the pan. Backlit white LED touch controls ensure ease of use and control.

With Wolf’s framed induction cooktops, the classic stainless-steel trim co-ordinates with other Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances and enables you to pair with our range of integrated modules for the perfect multi-zone cooking. The subtly patterned, hard wearing glass design hides any unsightly scratches.

The ICBCI243TF/S offers 3 highly efficient, low energy induction elements with bridging feature for over-sized pans.



Electrical Connection
Element Large
Element Medium

57 (mm)
600 (mm)
533 (mm)
220-240 (V)
30 (Amp)
267mm 2600W / 3150W boost (W)
2 x 203mm 2100W / 3000 boost (W)